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High Line's Three-Step Phase 3 Unveiled to the Public

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Friends of the High Line introduced lanscape architect James Corner and architect Ricardo Scofidio to present plans for Phase 3 of the High Line at a public meeting Monday evening, and the pair outlined a multi-phase project that's expected to cost $90 million and be completed by 2014, according to the Times. Plans for Phase 3 are split into three major segments: the east-west stretch along 30th Street that will be built in its permanent form from the start; the curving half loop that will extend north-south before curving back east that will be developed as in interim walkway before permanent improvements can be made; and a passage integration with the tower at the yet-to-be-built Hudson Yards complex. One thing Scofidio is unhappy about including in Phase 3 plans—an element clamored for by the public: public bathrooms. The acclaimed architect can't wait to get them off of his drawing board plans and shunted inside the tower at Hudson Yards.

The first permanent section along 30th Street will incorporate a Crossroads design where Phase 3 meets Phase 2 and the High Line jogs to the left; a Grasslands section with various seating areas for people to congregate; and the 11th Street Bridge overpass that separates the Eastern Rail Yards from the Western Rail Yards. The interim walkway on the north-south semi-loop will closely resemble how the creators of the High Line project originally conceived of the park, much closer to the urban ruin state it was before the project began.
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