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Is This a Bodega? Sammy Deli Grocery on Marcus Garvey Blvd.

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Bodegas are like porn, you know one when you see it. Yet some stores defy easy classification and straddle certain lines that define conventional expectations of what makes a bodega. Here now, we ask you whether a particular store can call itself a bodega?

Sammy Deli Grocery on the corner of Marcus Garvey Boulevard and Decatur Street does not have a traditional bodega awning, but the miniature colored bulb lights that surround its signage broadcast its presence along Marcus Garvey Boulevard like the beacon it is in Bed-Stuy. The neighborhood is not lacking for small markets, but Sammy Deli Grocery is open 24 hours a day, whereas many corner stores lock up as tight as a drum around 10pm in an area that is slowly gentrifying. And as the sign says, it does serve a delicious breakfast. Bodega or not?

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