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Architectural Craziness: This is an NYC-Bound BQDEGA Train

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We've seen two visions of the possible future bodegas of New York City: the lobby bodega and bo-daycare, a bodega with 24-hour daycare. Now Matthew Hoffman of Art Meadow presents BQDEGA, a bodega inserted into a subway car and a scheme for bringing back the bodega as social hub. Hoffman tells us:

The interesting thing is that we as New Yorkers are closest together in the subway, and yet subway cars are actually the most unsocial spaces in the city?everyone does their best to ignore each other. By inserting a bodega into a subway car, it is possible to recreate that social engine that used to be the center of bodegas, and also improve the NYC subway by offering a new mobile place to shop, gossip and gather. · BQDEGA [Art Meadow]
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