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Fraudster's Grand Madison Condo Sells for Nearly $3 Million

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Ex-Credit Suisse broker Julian Tzolov spent some time under house arrest in 225 Fifth Avenue before he went on the lam to avoid a fraud trial. Last fall, following Tzolov's sentencing, his 225 Fifth apartment went up for auction with a minimum bid of $1.9 million (custom furnishings, stereo/TV system, private storage space, and the only slightly fraud-tarnished reputation of the Grand Madison included). The sale of the apartment, which we assume happened at the auction, just hit public record, and it went for $2,926,195. (Tzolov himself paid $1,985,587 for the 2BR, 2.5BA place in 2007.) The buyers are Andrew and Mindy Heyer.
grandmadison9Mfloorplan.jpg[Click to expand.]

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Grand Madison

225 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY