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Vote for the Best Bodega in New York City

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Every day through Thursday, we're presenting reader nominees for the best bodega in New York City. The winners of each heat will face off on Friday. Here now, the third set of Best Bodega contenders:

Farmer in the Deli, Myrtle Avenue

"Chicken salad or chopped tuna salad with whatever add-ins you choose all chopped together and shaped into a loaf the size of the roll. I dream about it."

M&M Deli on 6th and Broome
"I'm in there like twice a day," writes one Eater commenter. Couldn't live without it."
Tehuitzingo on 10th Avenue between 47th and 48th streets
"Tehuitzingo on 10th between 47th and 48th has the best bodega food in Manhattan, hands down," another Eater commenter offers. "Any bodega that makes the 'NYC's best secret restaurants' list has to make this one?" A fair point, and so it is included.

A & J Farms Market on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint

The reasons for nomination: "Bibimbap and avocado-laden sushi hits the spot at 2am after working 12 hours in a kitchen...also the dudes working there are wicked nice."

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