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Requiem for The Old Williamsburg Brooklyn via IM

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A tipster sent us this transcript of an instant message conversation about the planned opening of a Whole Foods on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. Local businesses and neighborhood tradition do not hold up when you've got to buy organic milk for your offspring.
CurbedTipster: R.I.P. Tops
BurgDaddy: ?
CurbedTipster: whole foods is opening on bedford
BurgDaddy: really????
CurbedTipster: yeah it's in the post
that big stalled site on north 4th
the airplane hangar
BurgDaddy: wowowowowowowwow
CurbedTipster: whole foods, a new york sports club, and apartments above
BurgDaddy: my internet is so slow in my new apartment for some reason
i couldnt even read the post
this is a real life changer
suck it foodtown
i wonder what is going to happen at save the robots now
CurbedTipster: you're such a yuppy gentrifier
BurgDaddy: who cares
CurbedTipster: people who aren't invested in neighborhood condos
i wonder if it will open before gowanus
BurgDaddy: a place to get fresh food that doesn't require a car
good turkey
or schelpping shit on the subway
CurbedTipster: but aren't you sad that bedford ave. is becoming just like anywhere else???
BurgDaddy: bedford ave sucks
im Los Sueres
we still keep it real over there
i spend 90% of my life at my desk at work or on my couch
so having am easy place to get quality food is amazing
not having to pay $5 for shady organic milk at a bodega for
[redacted adorable baby]
CurbedTipster: i should send this conversation to curbed
BurgDaddy: ha
point counterpoint
a) this was always bound to happen
b) williamsburg 2012 is not williamsburg 2005
CurbedTipster: obviously
BurgDaddy: neighborhood is almost all families now anyway