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New York Bodegas' Chaotic Signage Is The Brand

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Photo by Will Femia
Photo by Will Femia

[Photos from the Flickr photostreams of Will Femia and Shawn Hoke]

When one sees the brightly illuminated sign and logo of a Duane Reade drug store or 7-Eleven convenience store from two blocks away, you usually know exactly what will be found inside. As independent operators without an established brand identity, bodegas have to telegraph what they are selling in what signage experts might characterize as over-description. Over time, this chaotic mix of neon, posters, awnings, and cardboard has become the brand identity of bodegas themselves. The all-inclusive haphazardness of a bodega storefront signifies what customers can find inside, even without close examination.
· Will Femia [Flickr]
· Shawn Hoke [Flickr]