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Williamsburg's 174 Jackson Sells All Its Units, Most Over Ask

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We think of Williamsburg's 174 Jackson Street as a younger sibling to Mason Fisk, the neighborhood's sales sensation, because designers the Meshberg Group had a hand in both buildings. There's a family resemblance in another way, too: 174 Jackson officially hit the market in September, and according to a press release, the building has sold out. Asking prices for the eight units initially ranged from $459,000 to $719,000, and a few apartments got PriceUps after the building had spent a little time on the market. So how did those "rec rooms"?the finished, underground, non-bedroom rooms in the building's first-floor duplexes?affect pricing?

All but one of the apartments sold at or above ask?several at 1.8 percent over the ask, and one at 2.6 percent over it. (UPDATE: A tipster points out that these 1.8 percent-over-ask numbers are likely the asking prices plus the buyers' payment of city and state transfer taxes.) The one discount unit, #1A, was one of the "rec room" units?but it was also the recipient of a 20 percent PriceUpper shortly after hitting the market and another 7 percent one a few weeks later. So even with the final 5.8 percent discount, it all kinda works out.

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174 Jackson Street

174 Jackson Street, Brooklyn, NY