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Big Reveal: a 3BR Cottage-Style Co-Op in Park Slope

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This week's players managed to collectively hit one almost straight down the middle, with a range of $595,000 to $999,000 and a median of $850,000—only $29K below the actual asking price of $879,000. There was a general consensus that something was suspect about the 3BR designation. "There are only two bedrooms; the third one is the only way to get to the garden!" No matter what the size or number of bedrooms, however, there was respect for the Park Slope location. Or derision at the collective madness of the market at this point. It's sometimes hard to tell the two apart. "3 bedrooms in the slope, no matter how poorly laid out they are go for big bux. if this was a REAL 3 bedroom it would be about 1.2." Thanks for playing!
· 348 12th Street, 1L [WLR]
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