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An Architect Imagines the Hydroponic Bodega

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We've discussed the lobby bodega, the bodega as childcare provider, and the subway car bodega, so now it's time to return to the standard neighborhood bodega?with a twist. The folks from PARC present what they call the Super Locavore Bodega, a bodega with a hydroponic system and photovoltaic lighting to provide year-round fresh produce. PARC's Will Prince explains:

The design represents a longing for a lost Bodega that 24 hours a day & 365 days a year always had good produce. We used this as motivation to explore what truly sustainable agriculture could look like and produce a model that would be useful for urban environments, produce a variety of edible products, and allow for more than hobby-scale urban agriculture. We brought together the Bodega & Urban Argriculture for both its socio-economic benefits as well as to serve as a kind of "metabolic engine" for the neighborhood by generating energy and locally handling green wastes and gray water. · Official website: PARC []
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