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254 Front Street, Back From Dead, Wants Up to $20K/Month

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Controversial developer Ben Shaoul took over the stalled site at 254 Front Street back in 2009, and then?silence. The project?originally a seven-story condo building in the shadows of the Brooklyn Bridge?breaks its silence in the Journal today, and we almost don't mind having waited this long to learn more. The 40-unit building is hitting the market at a very near but unspecified date, and most of the apartments are 1BRs. Prices start at $3,000/month for around 540 square feet and go up to a whopping $20,000/month for the 5BR penthouse (originally three smaller apartments) with two balconies. Construction on the Morris Adjmi-designed building, with "metal and glass canopy supported by metal rods to recall loading bays on historic industrial buildings in the district," should finish next month. Shaoul is counting on neighborhood newbie the Blue School to bring more families to the 'hood. But will they be willing to fork over $20K/month on top of that private school tuition?
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254 Front Street

254 Front Street, New York, NY 10038