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Bodega Week's Lotto Power Hour Continues

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After winning nothing in our first round of Lotto Power Hour scratch-offs, Curbed NY is back with $500 a Week For Life and Lucky Tripler. But remember why we're here: In keeping with the theme, there's a chance for you to win. Throughout the hour we'll be scratching lotto tickets here at Curbed/Eater/Racked HQ and posting the results. The winnings from our scratch-off adventures will go to one lucky reader. Here's how to win: invent a scratch-off game and tell us about it in comments, or, for bonus points, sketch it and send it to

$500 A Week For Life

Another bust. All this scratching is small effort, smaller (i.e., no) rewards so far.

Lucky Tripler

Six dollar winner! Woo-hoo! Curbed NY is on the board.