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Bodega Week's Lotto Power Hour Begins Right Now

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We've spent the week talking about all things bodega, but there's one topic we haven't touched on yet: the lotto. Welcome to Lotto Power Hour! For the next 60 minutes, we?and the editorial teams of Racked and Eater will be discussing all things lotto. And in keeping with the theme, there's a chance for you to win. Throughout the hour we'll be scratching lotto tickets here at Curbed/Eater/Racked HQ and posting the results. The winnings from our scratch-off adventures will go to one lucky reader. Here's how to win: invent a scratch-off game and tell us about it in comments, or, for bonus points, sketch it and send it to Ready, set, go! This will be fun. And hopefully profitable.

So did we win anything yet?

That would be a no, but we're still at it.

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