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Vote for the Best Bodega in New York City

Today we have the last of our four bodega nominee heats, in our quest to settle, once and for all, which is the best bodega in New York City. Tomorrow, the winners of each day's contest will face off for the final vote. Here are today's nominees:

The bodega on 14th Street near 6th Avenue
"The bodega on 14th on the north side near the corner of 6th avenue (btw 5th and 6th) is pretty skeevy," admits an Eater commenter, "but has the broadest selection of Pringles in the country. It might have 20 flavors."

The bodega on 157th Street and Broadway
A bodega much further uptown also gets a nod: "They sell your usual assortment of deli items PLUS some fun neighborhood items like pork rinds so you can make your own chicharron at home."
Village Farm Grocery on Ninth Street and Second Avenue
For our final two, we have East Village spots located close to each other. First up, Village Farm Grocery: "A bit of a throwback cum full on grocery store cum gourmet spot (e.g. good small brands and microbrews). Extremely fast delivery. They even do house accounts. Pretty great little business and a neighborhood go-to."

East Village Farm & Grocery on Fourth Street and Second Avenue

"I don't know where to start: People (Paul & his team), cleanliness, inventory selection, delivery service and the music they play makes your shopping experience fun and seamless. They are open 24/7/365!!!"

Poll results

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