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How to Buy an Apartment With Scratch-Off Lotto Tickets

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Happy Bodega Week, everybody! What could make you even happier about it? Buying an apartment in Manhattan, simply by engaging in a classic bodega pastime! We are talking, of course, about scratch-off lottery tickets, our topic of the hour. Our crack team of researchers has compiled the juiciest tips on which scratch-offs to purchase to make all your dreams come true. If you follow this advice you are basically guaranteed to end up with 2,000 square feet, a doorman, and a view of the Empire State Building. Let it ride! Double down! Vegas, baby, Vegas! (Those are things you say when you gamble, right?)

The average Manhattan apartment costs around $1.5 million, which is probably more dollars than you have. To determine which scratch-off ticket is right for you, let's start with this question: How many dollars do you have? Thirty? Ten? One? Seriously, you only have one dollar? Yeesh. Okay, here we go.

The good thing about $1 tickets is that they only cost a dollar. The bad thing is that even the big winners do not pay out very much—usually around $2,500, and that's not going to cut it. Your best bet for getting an apartment out of a $1 ticket is the $500 A Week for Life where you can win, you guessed it, $500 A Week for Life.

So let's see. $500 a week...four weeks in a month...carry the two...with one of these winners (there are currently two unclaimed) you'd be able to afford your $1.5 million home in 62.5 years. Unless those winnings were taxed, in which case it would be...longer.

If you're in more of a hurry and you've got $10 lying around, the Monopoly ticket currently has three $2 million prizes up for grabs. $2 million would be nice because after you bought your apartment you'd have some money left over to buy curtains and a bathmat and stuff.

Monopoly is fun and all, but when it comes to the $30 Win $1,000,000 A Year for Life ticket, everything else pales in comparison. There are three winners out there somewhere, plus 35 second places, each worth $50,000, so even if you finish runner-up you can still rent your dream apartment for a few months.
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*Curbed does not recommend that you follow this advice, or any advice, concerning scratch-off lottery tickets.