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Superior Ink's Hopeful Record-Setter Lowers Expectations

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The full 14th floor at Superior Ink?units A, B, and C?hit the market in January hoping to shatter the downtown sales price record with an ask of $38.5 million. It's also tried to sell as a smaller combo of 14B and 14C, but the full floor still has its eyes on the record-setting combo prize. Enter the PriceChopper! The 14th floor has just reduced its ask to $35.75 million, a $2.75M, 7 percent drop that would still keep the final price well above the previous record, for the building and for all of downtown Manhattan, of $31.5 million. For anyone who wants just 14BC, that's now less, too, at $27.5 million. We're guessing additional discounts may apply.
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Superior Ink

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