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Architectural Craziness: Two Slimmed-Down Bodega Concepts

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Architects from the firms Family and PlayLab teamed up to create +Pool, our favorite floating pool that will hopefully someday be coming to the East River. Now, architects from each firm offer up bodega of the future concepts, the final two bodega redesigns of the week. First up, above, is PlayLab's Bodegamatic. Which works like this:

Step right up and at the press of a button you can fill your black plastic bag with all the impulse buys you can handle. Robotic arms will do all of the narrow aisle navigating for you. And if you've stopped by just to say hey to your favorite local celebrity, you can bypass the store all together and head around to the beautiful lounge, where the clerk can monitor his store earnings and get in on the dominos game at the same time. The architects at Family also wanted to boil down the bodega to its crucial "bessentials." Like this:

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