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Hudson Yards: Look Out, Here Comes the Neighborhood

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New promotional materials for the Hudson Yards project, passed along by a tipster, outline the transformation of of the train yards site between 10th and 12th avenues into a completely new neighborhood, or high-end superblock shopping/condo/office enclave. The prospectus is titled Hudson Yards: New York's Next Great Neighborhood, although the renderings convey a sort of Corbusier-superblock grandiosity that flies in the face of the word "neighborhood." Plan diagrams show the first building slated for completion is the south office tower in the Eastern Rail Yard (2015). There are no scheduled dates of completion for the proposed primarily residential Western Rail Yard's development, but there's no disputing that the entire project could be transformative to the West Side.

One feature we enjoyed in the plans: a Cultural Shed exhibition space in the Eastern Rail Yards. It sounds like a place where one can store one's over-sized sculptures next to the lawn care equipment. Case in point: one can see Jeffrey Koons' proposed long-stalled hanging locomotive piece suspended from the ceiling of the Cultural Shed in the background of a rendering. We don't care what type of engineering miracles that will require. Get it done!
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Hudson Yards

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