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Chelsea's Swimming Pool Townhouse Returns at Lower Price

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This one-of-a-kind Chelsea townhouse has been bouncing on and off the market for the past four years now, first priced at $11.5M, then chopped down to $11M, before being delisted earlier this year. Now, it's back, with an asking price of $10M and the home's most famous feature intact: a 30-foot indoor swimming pool that dominates the living space. In fact, nothing much seems to have changed here except the price. The walls are still littered with battle axes and swords, a swing still dangles over the pool, and the glassed-in atrium at the rear of the house looks just as '80s as ever. With all the eccentricities, something tells us the lack of a sale here is due less to price—which was undenably high at the outset—and more to do with finding a townhouse buyer interested in a permanent bachelor pad.

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