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Lenny Kravitz's Old 30 Crosby Penthouse Returns for $17.95M

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"Rarely is there an opportunity to own a luxurious 6167 sf triplex Penthouse with an additional 3000 sf of enchanting terraces in Soho's most sought after full server pre-war Condo," announces the brokerbabble for #PHB at 30 Crosby Street. Except for the many years when Lenny Kravitz was trying to sell the very same apartment. To recap: Kravitz purchased the apartment for $7.128 million in 2000 and tried to resell for $17 million in 2002. There began an epic PriceChop/PriceUp saga featuring such prices as $12.95 million and $19.5 million. The place finally sold for $12.75 million in 2010. Alicia Keys was the rumored buyer, but the deed's in the name of an attorney and a trust. And now the apartment is back on the market! It looks a little different than it did in Kravitz's day?for one thing, there are a few more chandeliers. It's also got a different price: $17.95 million. Here we go again.

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30 Crosby Street

30 Crosby Street, New York, NY