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Full Floor Trump Penthouse Wants $18.5M For River Views

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Check out this behemoth that just hit the market, taking up the entire 30th floor of the Heritage at Trump Place on Riverside Boulevard. The 5,168 square foot penthouse has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and some of the best views you're going to get in this part of town. Obviously this kind of trumpalicious luxury isn't going to come cheap, and this one's asking $18,500,000. It's a pretty hefty number, but you never know who might fall in love with the place. A slightly smaller penthouse sold for $14,300,000 back in 2008, which goes to show that there are people out there willing to pay a high price point to get the space and views in the building. So, let's see how things have changed in the past four years.

· Listing: 240 Riverside Boulevard PH3 [Corcoran]