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Soho Apartment Rents for $55/Month, May Be Cheapest in City

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On the heels of the developing story of the landlord who decided to fight rent regulations in court comes a Post story sure to elicit similar feelings. Two tenants at 5 Spring Street, Thomas Lombardi and Tom Combs each pay $55.01 and $71.23 per month in rent, respectively. Lombardi was raised in this apartment since the 1940's (!) and Combs moved to the area back in 1967. Sure, their one bedroom apartments aren't as large as the now famous $332/month four bedroom in the West Village, but Lombardi's rent just might be the lowest in New York City. Frank Rich, the director of government affairs at the Rent Stabilization Association says “That’s the lowest rent I’ve ever heard of." Obviously the landlord isn't too thrilled about the arrangement, he's tried to give Combs the boot for “maintaining [the apartment] in an extremely poor and unhygienic condition,” but the city Housing Court didn't appear to agree.

Lombardi has a young wife who would inherit the apartment in the event of his death, and "because New York has legalized gay marriage, Combs said he is considering tying the knot with a 41-year-old former lover from Nepal who is seeking political asylum in the United States." Looks like this landlord is going to have a long fight ahead of him if he's going to try and get these units back to market rate.
· SoHo seniors spend as little as $55 a month for rent-controlled apartments [NYP]

5 Spring Street

5 Spring Street, New York, NY