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Fort Greene's Glass Bench Project; Heritage Row Park

FORT GREENE—The Glass Bench Project is holding its second collection effort this upcoming Saturday in Fort Greene Park. The project is the idea of Steven Matt and Richard Colwell, who determined that glass shards collected off the ground from the park could be tumbled to remove their sharpness and then embedded in concrete that is then used to create colorful glass-infused benches in the neighborhood. Volunteers are welcome to Saturday's event, when Matt estimates the group could collect 150 pounds of glass pieces. Those who participate will have their names added to a plaque that will be attached to each bench the project creates. [Curbedwire Inbox; Glass Bench Project]

BED-STUY—Parks and Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe will be on hand tomorrow for the naming of Heritage Row Playground, inside the existing Pulaski Playground, on Hart Street in Brooklyn Tuesday. The special playground designation is being done in recognition of the row of nearby houses (Heritage Row) built on the street by Habitat for Humanity. In addition to the new name, the playground will get a $1.45 million overhaul, including the reconstruction of the asphalt multi-purpose play area with color seal coating, as well as a two-lane perimeter track and two full basketball courts.