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Novogratz Hoops House Remains in The Game

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UPDATE: A call from listing broker Raphael De Niro let us know that the Novogratz Hoops house has not been off the market since last November, but somehow had its listing status slip through the cracks on StreetEasy due to the complications of running a co-listing with another agency. 400 West Street remains for sale, steady at $17.45 million.

After a four-month market hiatus, the Novogratz family has re-listed their West Village Hoops house—so called because of the ground floor basketball court—and are asking just under $17.5 million. That's the same asking price as when the home at 400 West Street was pulled from the market last November, after the property underwent a series of severe price chops that pulled the ask down from the initial $25 million. So if the price is the same and the address is the same, the interiors must have been mixed up a little to minimize the impact of certain one-of-a-kind features like the basketball court or the Zaha Hadid shark desk, right? Wrong! This is what the Novogratz family does for a living. They will not design-capitulate in the face of buyer intransigence. A market rebound will move this house, like a strong rebound grabbed off the rim of its in-house basketball court. And maybe March Madness will overcome a buyer and motivate a deal.

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400 West Street

400 West Street, New York, NY