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Domino Effect Documentary Benefits From Project's Woes

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The documentary "The Domino Effect" may be the greatest beneficiary of the problems that Williamsburg's "New Domino" redevelopment project have encountered, including the near collapse of the Community Preservation Corp. The feature length documentary's creators write that the film "digs deep to uncover the complex networks of banks, developers, politicians, and non-profit organization that shape our cities." Regular readers of Curbed NY know that one doesn't have to dig very deep to uncover this information. Politicians, developers, and banks tend to be fairly unapologetic and public about development plans. "The Domino Effect" holds that projects like "New Domino" are responsible for the loss of industrial jobs and the displacement of communities. Now that the site developer, Community Preservation Corp., defaulted on a $120 million loan this month, the filmmakers may have a new surprise ending as they are finishing up their film.

The Domino Effect (Trailer) from The Domino Effect on Vimeo.

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