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A Baronial Duplex for Sale on Top of a Gothic Tower in Midtown

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The gothic grandiosity of Tudor City's towers overlooking Turtle Bay belie the modest size of most of the complex's apartments, except for the few dramatic units known as "the studios" that New Yorkers can glimpse from afar or on the silver screen. The largest of these apartments is a 3,000 square foot duplex penthouse, now on the market for almost $6 million. The 2BR co-op features a 28-foot-wide double height living room with towering casement windows, and 1,900 square feet of terrace space where gargoyles and other terra cotta creatures look onto the United Nations to the east and the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building to the west, according to the WSJ.

Tudor City was built in the 1920s as primarily middle class housing between 40th and 43rd Streets, above the slaughterhouses, rendering plants, and tenements along 1st Avenue and the East River waterfront. Because of the unpleasantness of the neighborhood at the time, many of Tudor City's buildings face west, with windowless brick backs turned turned to the river. Sales in the buildings tend to be rarer and lower-priced than expected because of rent-regulation and Tudor City's original humbler aspirations as a middle-class residence.
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5 Tudor City Place

5 Tudor City Place, New York, NY 10017

5 Tudor City Place, New York, NY