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Mount Sinai's Fifth Ave Condo Tower Will Actually Be Rentals

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Mount Sinai is hoping for big things out of its new tower at 4 East 102nd Street, but they're not the same big things we originally expected. The $200 million, Rafael Pelli-designed tower was originally going to include 30 floors of luxury condos above 12 floors of medical office space, all set for completion this spring. The last of those things appears to be true, but a tipster tells us not to expect luxury condos. Instead, the building is going rental, with Related managing the property as 1214 Fifth Avenue. There are a few early listings, with renderings and floorplans, up on the building site, and the amenities are still condo-esque: an entertainment lounge, screening room, terrace, children's playroom, fitness center, pool, and parking. We grabbed a few renderings of it all for the gallery above.
The cheapest apartment currently listed as available is an alcove studio asking $2,595/month. A 1BR, 1BA is $4,695/month, a 2BR, 2BA is $7,195/month, and a 3BR, 3BA is $8,995/month. Occupancy on most units starts May 1, with the 3BR available as of July 1.
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1214 Fifth Avenue

1214 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

4 East 102nd Street

4 East 102nd Street, New York, NY