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First-Time Homebuyers, Tell Us Your Horror Stories!

Next week, every Curbed city site will be exploring the oft-terrifying world of first-time homebuying. We'll be featuring maps and guides for first-time buyers, neighborhood tips and advice, and reports from first-time home purchasers. Which is where you come in! Do you have first-time buying story, tip, or piece of advice to share? Please send it to the tipline.

As part of our theme week festivities, we'll also be holding a first-time buying horror stories contest. All NYC stories submitted will face off in a Curbed NY poll, and the winner will advance to the national round of the competition. The prize for the country's best first-time home-buying horror story is a $2,500 gift certificate to a home store of the winner's choosing. Send your horror story to, if you please. Standard contest rules apply.