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Third Avenue to Get Hot Karl Fischer Building

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There is no neighborhood in New York where Karl Fischer can't drop some architecture, but the East Village seems like it's becoming Fischer Central, after a huge project by the architect may take the space of the former Nevada Smiths bar on Third Avenue and East 12th Street. The Local reports that a disapproved permit with the Dept. of Buildings reveals Fischer's plan for a nine-story, 82,000 square foot corner colossus that would contain a 327 square foot community center, 9,511 square feet of retail space, and 94 condo units. The rendering above is a generic one taken from a retail space prospectus brochure that envisioned the lot filled with a 126,000 square foot building?about 50% larger than Fischer's recently disapproved plan. Demolition of the current structure is underway, so it won't be long now. Anybody have access to renderings of Karl Fischer's latest addition to the neighborhood? Send them along to our tip line!
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84 Third Avenue

84 Third Avenue, New York, NY