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34 Greene's Final Units, Including Penthouse, Sell for $19M

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Apart from a visit from Alec Baldwin, the last few apartments at 34 Greene Street had a hard time attracting buyer interest. One reboot later, that problem has been taken care of. A press release informs us that the building's last three units have sold in a combo deal for $19 million. The transaction includes the duplex penthouse (with pool potential) and the two apartments on the fourth floor. So what kind of deal did the buyer get? The penthouse was most recently asking $13.75 million and the fourth-floor units, after PriceChops, $3.995 million and $3.695 million, for a total ask of $21.44 million. Not bad! No word yet on the buyer's identity, but anyone with information is encouraged to share.
If the buyer chooses to build a mega-combo, this is what he or she will be working with:

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34 Greene Street

34 Greene Street, New York, NY