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$500/Month Chinatown Apartment Too Much of a Gamble

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A $500/month apartment in Chinatown: too good to be true? The answer is almost certainly yes, but we're glad Vivian Giang didn't let that stop her from exploring the place and writing about it for Business Insider. Here's one for the horror story annals:

The walls were hanging on by sheets of plaster, the ceiling sagged and definitely looked collapsible, the tub was in the middle of the kitchen, the floor sloped in every which direction, electrical wires were everywhere and here I was, silently reminding myself, "First impressions aren't everything." I bravely traveled deeper into the submarine-shaped apartment. The studio was separated by a door frame, and the back room would be the bedroom. I knew this because there was a handmade bunk bed screwed into the wall.

Still considering the apartment, Giang asked whether she'd be allowed to make repairs. And that's when the real catch revealed itself. She could rewire the place and clean it up, but there would be no lease?and Giang would have to put up with the apartment's front room being used as a secret gambling den late into the night. Maybe there really is no such thing as a tolerable $500/month rental.
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