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Inside and Outside the Scene-Stealing Penthouse at Tudor City

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It's clear why the penthouse "studio" at 5 Tudor City Place has been used as a location in such films as The Godfather: Part III and Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway. The rows of two story casement windows offer views from the double-height living room or the balustraded library onto some of the most identifiable buildings in Manhattan's skyline. The gothic grandness of the penthouse almost seems like something that could only be fabricated on a soundstage. New broker photos show those windows and terraces in all their real world glory though. From the the larger-than-life terra cotta goat gazing down onto the United Nations complex to the decoratively lit trellis framing views of both the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, 5 Tudor Place may have some of the most picturesque outdoor square footage in New York. The co-op apartment is listed at $5.9 million and the maintenance is $8,073 a month.
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5 Tudor City Place

5 Tudor City Place, New York, NY 10017