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Be Frank Gehry's Neighbor for a Mere $40,000/Month

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Today, some news we've been awaiting for months: the three penthouses at New York by Gehry (above, a peek into one of them) will hit the market sometime within the next six to eight weeks. The price tags are predictably stratospheric at $40,000 to $60,000/month. Will renters go for it? The Journal weighs the question. One negative: the penthouse renters don't get any extra amenities despite paying thousands more per month than their lower-floor neighbors. On the plus side, the concierge already "has entertained?and fulfilled?requests for everything from hiring Cirque du Soleil performers for a private dinner party to chartering a private plane for a lobster-tasting," so what more could a renter want? And then there's the fact that Frank Gehry himself will be renting a high-floor unit in the building when he's in New York. Is $40,000/month too high a price to pay for the chance to meet him in the elevator?
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