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Big Reveal: A 2BR Walkup on Barrow in the West Village

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The collective wisdom of the Curbed comment market has spoken, and bestowed a median asking price of $1.4 million for the 2BR on 71 Barrow Street, which is located on the bend of the West Village street where Barrow meets Commerce Street and just around the corner from the Cherry Lane Theater. That is about 10% higher than the actual ask of $1.25 million that the sellers have listed. Working against this listing: claiming a full second bath when the consensus seems to be that that the non-master bathroom is only a 1/2BA. Another strike against it: the tightness of the rooms, so it might have been a good call to leave the square footage figure off the listing if it would make potential buyers squirm. One thing the readers love is the location. "Know the corner well. Famous resto. Famous theatre. Sure, it's small, but who expects big spaces in the Village?" Indeed. Thanks for playing!
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