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Take the Slide at Pro Poker Player's A Building Penthouse

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Inside the A Building's Slide Penthouse from David Sherwin on Vimeo.

Pro poker player Phil Galfond moved to Canada following the Justice Department's online poker crackdown, which leaves his penthouse in the A Building free for the taking. Or not so free: the ask is $3.99 million. Galfond paid $3.2 million for two uncombined penthouses in 2008 and had Turrett Collaborative Architects create a helical slide between them. Which makes broker parties in the space a lot more fun than your average open house. Curbed videographer David Sherwin headed over to the penthouse last night to capture the slide experience on camera. Galfond himself "originally installed the slide to be a whimsical addition to the stark modern white apartment?but?would often use it to go downstairs between breaks in hands while playing online," according to the Daily News. Only one potential buyer has asked about removing it; another sent his broker to check whether the slide entry was big enough for his dogs.
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