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Own Your Own Private Museum in the West Village for $10.9M

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This combination apartment at 43 Clarkson Street in the West Village is a NYC residence that a serious art collector dreams about. It's a 4BR/3.5BA apartment spread over three floors, with an enormous living room/parlor featuring 18-foot ceilings and two rows of south-facing windows. The seller is Gian Enzo Sperone, who brought New York pop art to Europe in the 1970s and is a founding partner of NYC's Sperone Westwater Gallery, which he established with Angela Westwater and Konrad Fischer in 1982. Unsurprisingly, the apartment is ideal for displaying art. The third and fourth floors are connected by an original building staircase and the fourth floor sacrifices square footage in order to open the living room to its full height. There are bedrooms with en suite bathrooms on each of those floors. The second floor is not currently connected to the floors above, and consists of a gallery space and two offices that could be converted to bedrooms. The brokerbabble says it can be "swiftly combined with 3 and 4 for a 5700 sq ft very rare home." Almost as rare as some of Sperone's art. The combined package can be yours for just $10.9 million.

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