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DJ BIJAL Unveils Music-Oriented Hotel BPM in Sunset Park

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The Event: Grand opening preview event in Sunset Park for Hotel BPM
In the House: Journos, PR folk, friends and family
Dress Code: After-work casual chic, with women who know how to pull that off better than men
Menu: Strong rotation of gourmet appetizers nibblers, including butter poached lobster on brioche, duck with a plum mustard, fava bean crostini with a shard of parmigiano reggiano, hanger steak pieces on a cracker, breaded coconut chicken, and ahi tuna tartar
Overheard: "This stairwell makes me feel like I'm at a bar on the Lower East Side."
Music: electro-pop, pleasantly restrained volume for a hotel run by a DJ
Gift Bag Contents: Hotel BPM t-shirt (American Apparel), pair of bottles of iced coffee energy drink REALBEANZ, 1GB USB drive
Hotel BPM opened its doors yesterday for grand opening preview event. BPM stands for "beats per minute," a musical term not lost on fans of the hotel's proprietor DJ BIJAL, a well known east coast dj with shows on AOL Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio. Music is a central theme to the hotel, with a built in sound-system in the hotel's common areas and JBL speakers in each guest room. When making reservations, guests can even provide a song request and that song or artist will be incorporated into the hotel's public playlist around the time of scheduled check-in. Guest rooms are stocked with complimentary copies of music periodicals like XL Magazine, which sounds like a refreshing change from a copy of USA Today.

After many delays, Hotel BPM will be opening on May 14th with a special promo room rate of $139/night for the first couple of weeks. Future rates are still undetermined, but Bijal said that they would probably be in the $200/night range. A rooftop lounge/party space is a possibility in the future, but PR rep Kate Wark told us the hotel's priority is establishing itself as a good neighbor to area residents before hosting outdoor events.
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