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Abdingdon Penthouses Hit Market for $19.5M and $21M

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Talk about making an entrance. The former West Village nursing home at 607 Hudson Street teased us all last fall with the news that the building would hit the market as "ultra-luxury" condos sometime this spring. It is?but there's a twist. Most of the building?now using the address 320 West 12th Street?won't be on the market until May, but in the meantime, the penthouses are up for sale. The Journal explains that the two units have gotten oodles of buyer/broker interest, and listing them early gives buyers the chance to customize while the penthouses are still raw space. Even raw, they don't come cheap: they're asking $19.5 million and $21 million.

Aside from the Journal profile, the listings are low-key: no images or floorplans, and only the tease of a building website. We do know the penthouse sizes: the $19.5 million place is 5,300 square feet, plus 1,250 square feet of private outdoor space. The $21 million penthouse?both penthouse units are duplexes?clocks in at 5,574 square feet and 1,400 square feet of outdoor space. Reps describe them as "rambling, pre-war style" spaces. We're perhaps more excited for two units mentioned on the building's website, the enticingly-named "West Mansion" and "East Mansion."
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The Abingdon

607 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014