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Irving Place's Glass Tower Finally Sets Move-In Date

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A tipster let us know that this sign recently appeared outside of eternal mystery 57 Irving Place, which is, apparently, finally ready for residents. Although it took its sweet time getting there, having topped out in 2009, it has managed to sell off eight of its nine units (only the duplex remains), including the $18 million triplex townhouse, to a "prominent figure in the sports industry." (Any guesses? A-Rod did just flip his UWS apartment.) Essentially, 57 Irving is the same as it ever was—it's got the same glass facade, the same protruding motorized windows, and it still looks slightly out-of-place next to its historical neighbors. Reps tell us the duplex will hit the market when the building's done, and the closings on already-sold units will take place then, too.

?Jeremiah Budin
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57 Irving Place

57 Irving Place, New York, NY