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New Williamsburg Concert Venue; Nominee for City Planning

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WILLIAMSBURG—The contest to design a new concert space for the Williamsburg Waterfront Concert Series is still underway, but the Open Space Alliance released some conceptual drawings to give a sense of what they have in mind for the new venue at North 12th Street and Kent Avenue in Brooklyn. The starter renderings were released two days before the design contest deadline, March 30th. If you're already registered and have been dithering with your design, but now know you can do better than above, the clock is ticking! [Curbedwire Inbox; CurbedNY]

NYC—Public Advocate Bill de Blasio nominated Michelle de la Uz to become a member of New York's City Planning Commission. "De la Uz has more than twenty years of experience in public service and real estate development. Since 2004, de la Uz has served as Executive Director of the Fifth Avenue Committee, one of the nation’s most successful comprehensive community development corporations and nonprofit housing developers." She was scheduled to appear before the City Council today as part of the confirmation process.