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Hidden Behind the Master Bath, a Secret Garden in Chelsea

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Down the block from the famed Hotel Chelsea, next door to a 99¢ store, in a nondescript loft building, this $4.5M penthouse hosts one of the city's best private roof gardens, but hides it away through the master bedroom. The lush rooftop is accessed through the master bathroom, past a walk-in closet, and out a glass door, but that awkward route might actually make the 1,600-square-feet of gardens even cooler. The secret garden includes covered seating areas, day beds, storage sheds, and, atop it all, a dining table with views in both directions. Inside, the sprawling duplex is currently setup as a one bedroom, with a huge den that could be divided into two additional bedrooms.

· 248 West 23rd Street #6 [Streeteasy]