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City Point's Actual Plans and 'Totally Imaginary' Tower

It's difficult not to fixate on the image of a 65-story tower standing over DoBro's Albee Square, but the plans for Phase 3 of the City Point development that includes the tower still have renderings that are "really totally imaginary," according to Tom Montvel-Cohen, a representative of Albee Development LLC. The development consortium is just finishing up Phase 1 of their project—45,000 square feet of retail space that is about to get its Temporary Certificate of Occupancy—and concrete details about Phase 2 are now being released. The second stage of development consists of two towers—a 250-unit 19-story building, and a 400-unit 30-story building—connected by a four-story structure containing half a million square feet of retail space. Both buildings will be rentals, with the taller building leasing at market rate and the shorter building renting at a 50-30-20 mix of income levels, according to the Brooklyn Eagle. Any plans for that 65-story tower rumored for Phase 3 are still far in the future.
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