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Bushwick Development Looks Like Willy Wonka's Sock

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It's been over a year since the monstrosity that is Ocean Blue Residence appeared in Bushwick, and now its sister building has finally unveiled herself. The design for Lavender Residence, apparently, was conceived when developer Abe Greene accidentally switched the plans for his new building with the plans for his daughter's birthday cake. According to the neighborhood tipster that alerted us to its difficult-to-miss presence, the two buildings "have a sort of Lisa Frank aesthetic." That pretty much says it all.
What could have inspired this terrible building? A few ideas:

· The Candyland national flag
· A sweatshirt on the discount rack in an Urban Outfitters
· A really bad acid trip
· A very poisonous frog

Now it's time to vote. In case you forgot what Ocean Blue Residence looks like:

Poll results

?Jeremiah Budin
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