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Big Reveal: A 2BR Co-op in Brooklyn Heights for $750K

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Many of this week's Pricespotter players fell into the trap of guessing the mindset of the seller more than the price of the apartment.

"Can I put two prices... Sure this is my comment. Asking price $1.15MM. Where it should be priced $800K." "$950k cause the seller erroneously thinks places in brooklyn heights should be valued as if it was in manhattan."

The result: a consensus that sellers were too confident about the strength of the Brooklyn real estate and a median guess that overshot the actual asking price by 23%—$750,000 actual ask, median guess $925,000. That being said, we left out the rooftop view above in yesterday's post because we figured the nearby church would give away too much vis a vis this week's address. Now that you can see the view, and view more of the exact location on GoogleMaps, how would this affect your price guesses, if at all?
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71 Cranberry Street

71 Cranberry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201