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815 Fifth Steps Off Auction Block Onto Open Market

The former Italianate mansion at 815 Fifth Avenue has been hanging out on the auction block, waiting for a buyer to pick it up for $25 million or more. The original auction deadline was Tuesday at noon, but a tipster tells us the plans for the building have changed. There were enough international buyers interested in the property but unable to see it before the auction that the sellers will be opening the place up to the broader market. Unseal those bids, folks! The sellers are still hoping to get $25 million or more for the property. In this case, we're guessing it's mostly the prestige of the Fifth Avenue address that's making buyers curious?the building has long since been stripped of most of its ornamentation, and it's currently structured as offices and apartments. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a conversion back to single family.
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815 Fifth Avenue

815 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10065