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The Best of Yelp's New York City Moving Horror Stories

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Moving can be a nightmare. Boxes are heavy, things get broken, and friendships can be exploited to the point where six-packs of beer are often not enough to repair the damage. In a recent example of the hazards of moving, New York Yankees relief pitcher David Robertson was carrying empty boxes in his own house and fell down the stairs, injuring his foot. If a professional athlete can't handle moving, what chance do the rest of us have? In most cases, it's in everyone's best interests to bite the bullet and shell out a few hundred dollars (or more) for a professional moving company. Which will also probably be a nightmare. After the jump, a few of our favorite Yelp reviews of moving companies.

Schleppers Moving and Storage:

"We cannot seem to locate you in our systems" is not the best counterargument we've ever heard.

Man With A Van:

This is probably the least upset anyone has ever been about having his stuff broken during a two block move. Another snippet:

Cube Moving & Storage:

In their defense, Mondays. Right?

All Star Moving and Storage:

Those movers are probably hammering the crap out of some dry cereal right now.

Rob the Mover (this is one is probably best slightly out of context):

?Jeremiah Budin
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