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This Brooklyn Heights One BR Wants $1.8M for Harbor View

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This week has been a big one for Brooklyn Heights listings. First the townhouse at 38 Garden Place arrives on the market for $10,000,000 and now we have what must be the priciest one bedroom in the area. Located at 10 Montague Terrace on the Brooklyn Heights waterfront, this apartment has some of the best views in the city. The apartment is in pretty great condition, and given the photo of the building's common area, things look beautifully maintained. But is anyone going to pony up $1,795,000 for a one bedroom apartment? The sellers must hope the view and reno must be worth a pretty strong premium since there's a big three bedroom (with no view) for sale in the building for$995,000.

· Listing: 10 Montague Terrace 3BC [BHS]

10 Montague Terrace

10 Montague Terrace, Brooklyn, NY