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Here's a Drawing of Emery Roth's Grandiose Forgotten Vision for Washington Square Park

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We were perusing through a little-known book called Around Washington Square, and happened to come across an interesting illustration of Emery Roth's plans to build a massive apartment building on an entire block on Washington Square. The architect, responsible for Central Park West's San Remo and Eldorado, wanted the mammoth structure to take up the entire block on Washington Square South between West Broadway and Thompson Street, but was nipped in the bud when the Great Depression hit. The process even got as far as the lot being bought by a banker named James Speyer for Roth's grand vision, but alas. According to the author, the building "had a striking central tower reminiscent of the "Flash Gordon" finial towers of Roth's El Dorado, with four giant apartment wings radiating from it." Who knows what might have been if it was constructed, the upper class residents certainly would have curtailed NYU's expansion in the area, no?
· Around Washington Square: An Illustrated History of Greenwich Village [Amazon]