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Contribute to Curbed's Upcoming Bodega Week

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Next week, for five action-packed days, the editorial teams of Curbed, Racked New York will celebrate something that is near and dear to the heart of every New Yorker?the New York City bodega. Uniquely a New York product, the bodega is a convenience store, a sandwich shop, sometimes a taqueria or a backroom gambling den, a grocer, a cigarette and lotto vendor, and invariably a neighborhood hangout for a cast of characters. Bodegas thrive in every neighborhood and stay open through every storm.

We have a host of fun features planned, but it wouldn't be a proper theme week without reader input. We ask you now and over the next week to write in with a) nominations for the best bodega in the city (provide address and reasons for nomination), b) crazy and scary bodega stories or bodega secrets, and c) tales of living above or next to a bodega. Other bodega tips are also welcomed. The countdown begins now.