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Plan New Look for Williamsburg Concert Series: Win VIP Passes

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The Williamsburg Waterfront Concert Series is moving up Kent Avenue and needs a few good designers' help in turning the vacant lot above into a suitable venue for one of Brooklyn's premiere live music events. The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn has bounced from the McCarren Park Pool to East River State Park a few blocks down on Kent Avenue, and is now hosting an open call for designers to make their mark on the lot at 50 Kent, between 11th and 12th Streets. Challenges include, but are not limited to no electricity, no running water, uneven grading, and areas of rubble. This actually sounds like a sweet Williamsburg loft share found on Craigslist! Registration ends on March 15th and submissions are due March 30th, so start sharpening those pencils creative people. First prize is $1,000 and four VIP passes to every show in the 2012 series, among other things.
· 50 Kent Submission Guidelines [OSA]